One Point of Contact for IBM Data Solutions

One Point Solutions and Strategy 7 Form IBM Data Alliance

IBM business partners One Point Solutions and Strategy 7 continue in their alliance to provide answers, support, and licensing to Informix and other customers using IBM data products across the USA. The partners provide a “one point of contact” model focused entirely on Informix and other IBM data solutions such as Genero, Informix-4GL, DB2, Cognos reporting, data integration, and IBM POWER7© hardware (formerly pSeries). Services include:

  • Cognos, Informix and DB2 licensing review, discounted purchase and renewals
  • Virtual DBA, 24x7 support
  • 4GL projects, Genero conversions
  • Data warehousing and reporting with Informix, Cognos and other IBM products


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Informix Loyalty

Company leaders Ron Flannery (One Point) and Joe Rodriguez (Strategy 7) have collectively focused on the Informix world for a total of about 40 years between them. Flannery – also the author of Informix Handbook and former long-time IIUG board member – is looking forward to the ongoing IBM enhancements and support for Informix.: “One Point remained loyal to the Informix product line through thick-and-thin and I’m just amazed at how much IBM has done with Informix.”

Software Cost Savings and Compliance:

The alliance’s joint focus on IBM data products allow them to specialize and understand all the nuances of licensing the products, which are always changing. They provide no-cost analysis of licensing – ensuring lowest-cost options and software compliance – and suggest ways to improve license models.

IIUG Conference

The IIUG conference is a terrific way to keep up on Informix products at a cost that’s very low compared to most conferences. Sessions are mostly technically-oriented and a great way to pack many hours of learning about various topics into 4 days. We hope to see you there!

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