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For One Point Solutions, It’s All About the Data

Since One Point was founded in 1997 it has focused entirely on being “one point of contact for IBM data solutions”.  We provide small, mid-sized, and very large companies in numerous vertical markets with the reassurance that their end-to-end data needs are satisfied by using one source rather than trying to piece together solutions from multiple business partners and software vendors.  Our unique value proposition and mission statement includes:

  • One Point of contact: With a strong focus, we provide everything you need for IBM products in our model, which includes proof of concept, demos, software sales and renewals, implementation, ongoing services, training, and more.
  • Neither too focused nor too broad: We believe that all components of a modern data solution -- database management, data integration/cleansing, and analytics/reporting -- work together (learn more). 
  • Start small or large/use what you need: IBM's portfolio is broad. One Point targets only the software or services your company needs, helping you expand as needed.
  • Help companies of any size:  IBM software is priced in a variety of ways for the smallest or largest of companies, including starter-packs, express solutions, and cloud-based options.
  • Evolve with rapidly-changing technologies:  As the world of data and analytics changes, One Point has always been ahead of the curve and continues to keep its customers ahead as well.


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Expanding the Reach

Since July of 2013, One Point has been funded and resourced with two 20+ year premier IBM business partners Strategy 7 Corp and Old American Inc.  One Point continues to provide the knowledge and strategic vision to our clients, and now manages IBM resources through our partners to provide the IBM software and IBM hardware (Pure Systems, POWER, and appliances) solutions our growing clients are demanding.   For more information please see the associated press release.

Awards and Accolades


Specific Solutions and Value Proposition

One Point’s single point of contact model makes it easy for companies to make the most of rapidly-expanding database sizes, evolving technologies, protecting critical data, integrating it, and leveraging it to analyze and grow. We provide the following for EACH of our areas of focus - manage, integrate, and analyze:

  • Purchase and renew IBM software
  • Virtual DBA services including 24-hour on-call
  • Software solution environment planning
  • Proof of concept and demos
  • Cloud-based PoCs and implementations
  • Quick-Start hardware/software packages
  • Remote and onsite development and support
  • Application dev and modernization
  • Training
  • IBM worldwide award winner and 3-time finalist


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