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Kudos from Our Customers

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"One Point is a top-shelf organization! They guided us through the entire licensing process, provided us with all our options, and acted as our advocate. They behaved with concern and integrity every step of the way. We're fortunate to have such a partner!"

--Dom Cirello, IT application manager of Avaya Corporation
Application: One of Avaya's most important CRM applications

"Anybody that works in financial services can tell you that each client has a unique set of reporting and business functionalities, so the faster we can adapt and react to each individual client’s requirements, the better we are at meeting our client’s objectives. With IBM solutions, we built the next generation of our system with new functionality to handle virtually all situations."

- Brent Steiner, Chief Technology Officer, Celink case-study Read the IBM Case Study [PDF]

"With IBM IDS 10, our database engines have never been more reliable and never before did we achieve the level of performance we enjoy today. Thanks to the One Point Solutions and IBM, we are now able to achieve technical goals with our database engines that were not possible before."

- Brian Kirk, Director of Systems Engineering, NetworkIP case-study Read the IBM Case Study [PDF]

"Outside of the performance gains, the most impressive part of the IDS 10/Linux solution was that the migration from IDS 7/SCO was nearly painless... We were impressed with the compatibility of the SQL code between the releases and that after tuning the configuration files in IDS 10 with the assistance of One Point, applications were up-and-running with minimal issues."

-Eric Gordon, Managing Director, RealPlus LLC
Application: Manhattan's leading residential Real Estate brokerage service case-study Read the IBM Case Study and View the Video

"One Point is always looking out for the customer. If there is an option to save on costs or upgrade support, One Point makes sure that we stay informed. This type of service keeps us coming back."

--Dan Piec, Director of MIS operations for Spirit Airlines (online reservations), a leading discount air carrier
Application: Online airline reservations

"One Point was the ideal partner. Their extensive knowledge of the IBM product suite and their dedication to customer focused support allowed us to find the solution that best met our needs. They have also stood by us through the installation process and provided invaluable help and insight as we developed our technology development strategy. They helped us understand the IBM product suite and worked collaboratively with us to match solutions with the needs of our organization. They were an integral part of our decision making process and worked with us to develop a technology and implementation strategy that has allowed us to create the successful service that we offer today."

--Mike Lasky, Managing Partner of Stargazer Foundation

"One Point Solutions was very instrumental in the flawless migration of our Informix databases from an IBM 590 to an IBM RS6000 server. This migration consisted of our critical customer support applications, so downtime was not an option. We knew the migration of these databases was outside our level of expertise and One Point was able to provide us with all of the necessary technical help to complete the task on time. They created a detailed project plan and stayed on top of the tasks at all times. All of One Point's personnel were very easy to work with, giving us the confidence that we made the right choice in having One Point assist in the migration."

--Bruce Schwartz, lead Informix DBA, McKesson Pharmacy Systems
Application: Customer service/call center for pharmaceutical systems

"One Point has done an outstanding job providing our Informix support. We saw a payoff within the first hour! It was great having a company that was that knowledgeable and responsive--it allowed me to focus on my work."

--Dan Smalley, IT Manager, Numatics
Application: Baan/ERP in a manufacturing environment