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Customized Informix Training

One Point Solutions provides high quality, personalized Informix training at a cost that’s lower than classes obtained from less experienced sources. Maximizing efficiency, we train at your site and customize training to match your company's needs.

Based on Ron Flannery's Informix Handbook and the Informix SQL training materials, One Point's two to four day class sessions provide a customized training experience that educates your employees on everything they need to know about Informix. Classes include:

Informix DBA training.

This class provides details on various aspects of administration for Informix Dynamic Server (IDS). It covers topics including disk configuration, memory usage, installation, tuning – and much, much more.

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Informix SQL for Application Developers.

This class explores the SQL used by Informix engines and how it can be used most efficiently. During the class, students are exposed to numerous exercises that sharpen their understanding and expand their usage of Informix SQL.

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Students participating in One Point Solutions custom training experiences receive access to electronic copies of Informix Handbook, as well as being provided with extensive study guides. For further information please review the syllabi listed above or contact us for more details and pricing.