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IBM Big DataWith all of today’s applications, database systems, BigData, unstructured data (such as sensors), Internet of Things, Time Series data and disparate technologies, the integration and management of data creates huge business challenges. Consolidation of data increases key business insight, operational efficiency and – ultimately – profitability. It’s also critical that customer and products are not duplicated across various systems and that the data is clean.

One Point can help your company evalute its current requirements and provide demos, evaluation copies, and potentially a Proof of Concept using your data (in the cloud or on your servers).
Please contact us to get started.   Supported IBM Solutions include:

Today's Common Business Challenges

Businesses confront information issues daily like:

  • Difficulty accessing data across the company’s disparate data sources (including Big Data, external customer data, SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, mainframe, and DB2), software applications, and IT infrastructures (including NoSQL, IoT, J2EE, .NET, and SOA).
  • Processing non-standard data such as sensors, Internet of Things, and Time Series
  • Limited IT resources and time -- and IT staff is always “fighting fires."
  • Numerous software products from different vendors and with different standards.
  • Inability to analyze information from across the organization and merge it onto meaningful spreadsheets and reports.


Trusted, Consolidated and Consistent

You invested in information technology so that you can capture data and move it through your company to effectively manage your business. You need to assure it is accurate (“trusted”) and you need to be able to pull data from more than one system to better understand the product and product sales, the customer’s purchases and their ability / interest in making future purchases, and to see both the financial transactions and the sales transactions. Many companies resort to manual cut & pastes and sorting to do an analysis – wasting valuable time. Worse, that manual process is error prone and has to be repeated periodically. This is unnecessary!

Trusted, real-time information can be shared and accessed across the enterprise, the internet and the cloud. Your “green screen” applications can be web-enabled with a GUI interface. One Point’s integration solutions and consulting services ensure your business can integrate, analyze and optimize business information across geographies, the web, and despite system silos and complexity. One Point can help you achieve information on demand (IOD). The business benefits include the ability to effectively track and manage risk and to create new business insight.

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