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IBM analytics solutions help companies of all sizes—from large-scale enterprises to small and midsize businesses—transform slow, expensive, disconnected processes into more dynamic, efficient and connected experiences. IBM analytics and specialized solutions enable plant managers, operations, engineering and IT professionals alike, optimizing manufacturing and supply chain using data you already have or new IoT and sensor data (described in the whitepaper, "Manufacturing in the Digital Age").  Benefits include:

  • Start small, grow as needed
  • Use analytics to analyze, predict and act upon specialized sensor data types
  • Review historical data, predict and proactively improve manufacturing and suppy chain
  • Deploy locally or in cloud
  • Enable various mobile options and real-time action using sensor monitoring and baseline data
  • Utilize pre-built solutions designed to optimize manufacturing and quality processes


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Demos and Videos

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Supply demand forecasting for operational efficiency and cost-savings
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Pre-built Predictive Maintenance and Quality Solutions 
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IBM Supply Chain Success Story
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Connected Cars, Assembly Line, Home, and More
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IoT From a High Level (animated) 

IoT in Automotive, Transportation and Supply Chain


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